Therapy has really helped me in the past, and whilst I don’t go anymore I still use some practices that I learnt while going.

First of all I would like to say, anyone can go to therapy, it doesn’t just have to be for mental health. It can be for bullying (which I was also but thats not the point), feeling stressed/overwhelmed, feeling down, just wanting to talk to someone, etc.

Now, I know lots of people say that therapy doesn’t work or that you don’t need it or that its just a scam etc, and you may be scared that you’d get bullied for it. People are entitled to their opinions but in my opinion, therapy is a good thing.

Now don’t expect to just walk into a therapists office and be happy just like that. things take time and effort and they may not even be the right therapist for you.

My experience with therapy:

I went to plenty different therapists in my time, and let me tell you, not all of them have been a good fit for me, you need to find a therapist that you feel comfortable with. When I first went to therapy I was lucky because I really liked her, I felt comfortable around her and just opened up to her completely with the confidence of knowing she would keep thing confidential because I felt that she was an honest person, and stood by her promises. Sadly, she moved back to Europe and I was back to where I started.

After this I started going to therapy and just didn’t feel comfortable and eventually dreaded going. I discussed this with my parents and we tried some different therapists. It took about 4 or 5 times before I found someone who I felt comfortable around and confident in my ability to share things with her.

Throughout my time in therapy, which may or my not be the same case with yours, there were a lot of times where I took one step forwards and two steps back, but also times where I took a couple steps forward and no steps back. There were many tears and secrets spilled in that office however I still felt safe and looked forward to going back the next week.

I hope if you do choose to go to therapy, for any reason, that you have a good experience and realise that its not as bad or as scary as it has previously been portrayed. I would love to hear anyone else experiences in the comments :).

until next time;

Kisses, Phoebe xox

Don’t let anyone stand in the way of your happiness

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